Grassi Lakes Collection


      For anyone who has visited Canmore, the hike up to Grassi Lakes is probably once of the most popular and one that never disappoints. It's easy to see why. Winding through the forest, past a waterfall, the trail eventually leads to the two stunning aqua-blue coloured lakes nestled beneath Ha-Ling Peak. The lakes and trail were named after an Italian immigrant, Lawrence Grassi, who was an accomplished climber, guide and also worked in the Canmore coal mines. He built many trails in the Rockies and became a beloved part of the Bow Valley community with not only Grassi Lakes named after him but a local school and Mount Lawrence Grassi as well.

      I spent many years climbing the pocketed limestone cliffs above Grassi Lakes (two of my favourite climbs - Meathooks, and Elvis Lives 😂). Looking down at the lakes, you can see the bottom of the lakes from high up on the cliffs. The crystal clear turquoise water always looked so inviting on a hot summer day...until you dip your toe in and realize it is painfully cold!!

      Take the plunge and slip into the icy mountain water (without getting cold) in a pair of Grassi Lakes leggings.