InSpired Collection


      What Inspires You?

      The mountains inspire me, and so does my mom. The stylized image of the Bugaboo Spires in British Columbia that is featured on these leggings is particularly special to me. It is from a heli-hiking trip I took my mom on a few summers ago. A spur of the moment trip to whisk her away to a beautiful place where together we could escape reality for a little while, and experience something magical together. It was a couple of weeks after her breast cancer diagnosis and we felt like we had mountains to climb in the weeks and months ahead - so why not literally do it!

      Early one morning while she rested in bed, I slipped out and ventured down to the pond with my camera to watch the sunrise illuminate the Spires and spend some quiet time reflecting on life and what's truly important. Family. Health. Love. Never take these for granted, and with the love of family you can dig deep and find the strength to climb the biggest mountains you face in life. All it takes is a little inspiration.