Custom Woodworking


What started as a personal project to build some lasting, solid wood furniture for our home evolved into making larger pieces, buying more tools (and more tools😜) and recently starting to do custom work for others! A new found passion and love for all things wood.

The beauty of solid wood furniture is that no two pieces are ever identical because every piece of wood is unique. The grain pattern, the colour, the texture, even the smell. Each piece has its own special character, reflecting the skill and personality of the woodworker that transforms is from rough pieces of wood to a beautiful work of wood art.

This is just a small example of some of the custom pieces I have created - from small benches to king size beds. Some made with simple construction, others with more complex fastener-free traditional joinery.

Invest in furniture to last a lifetime. Proudly made in Canada.

Walnut Live Edge Dining Table

This 4'x7' table features a 2" thick highly figured book-matched solid walnut live edge slab top with custom made X-cross black coated steel legs.

Custom table prices vary significantly depending on the size, design and species of wood selected.

Walnut & Maple King Platform Bed

Made from thick, solid walnut and maple, this beast of a king platform bed was made with traditional mortise and tenon joinery. No bolts or screws in the structure of this bad boy! 30 solid maple slats to support the thickest, heaviest of mattresses.

Someone said to me "why put in all that effort on parts that are hidden by a mattress?" My answer "because I know it is there. Quality matters, even when it is where you don't see it."

A time-consuming build, but worth every hour put into it.

Shown with optional live edge slab headboard.


Custom Maple Cabinets

Custom Cherry and Fir Vanity

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Custom Piece?

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