Meet the
Mountain Moves Ambassadors

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I couldn't be more proud to have these lovely ladies representing my wearable art. Make sure you follow them on Instagram to get the scoop on special offers, contests and giveaways 😉, plus all the other fabulous content they post!

Alison Black

Alison's beautiful sense of style, love for the outdoors (especially the mountains), and her heartwarming family values truly are an inspiration, which is why she was an obvious choice to be a Mountain Moves ambassador. Plus she loves wine as much as I do! 

She lives in Calgary with her husband Justin, her daughter Delainey and son Ryder (who are two of the cutest kids EVER) and their sweet golden lab Cruz. 

As if she isn't busy enough with the full time mama job, she also spends half her week working at a private school for children on the autism spectrum 🖤 Such a big heart.

Finding balance in our busy lives is always a challenge, but Alison has it mastered teaching SurfSet fitness classes (how fun does that look!). Indoors or outdoors, everything she does is filled with a passion for life. I'm sure she will inspire you as much as she inspires me.

Instagram: @ourlifeandtimes

Mandy Kroetsch

This kick-ass climber chick lives in Sacramento, California with her husband Dallas and Hazel "the boulder pup". Even though she lives south of the border, the mountains around the Bow Valley hold a special place in her heart, especially the Three Sisters.

She used to live in Calgary, spending weekends climbing and hiking in the Canadian Rockies, but went to the US for work several years ago (boo hoo!). Not only does she crush rock, she's also a brilliant engineer crushing the glass ceiling of the corporate world too 🙌🏻

Her active lifestyle is fueled by her veggie diet (which you would seriously drool over) and she always has such fantastic tips on recovery tools and food too. On the rock, at the gym, on her bike, or in the kitchen, it's healthy living all around with this beauty.

I love her kind heart and zest for of my absolute fav peeps in this world ❤️. Mandy literally rocks in my Mountain Moves leggings and I'm SO stoked to have her on the team!

Instagram: @mandizzle_bldrs

Interested in the ambassador program?

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