Flaked Out Capris
Flaked Out Capris
Flaked Out Capris
Flaked Out Capris
Flaked Out Capris

Flaked Out Capris

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Wearable art capri-length leggings made from eco-polyester/spandex blend performance fabric with wide waistband and light compression fit to hug you in all the right places.

Those who know me know how much I love snow. Those crisp winter days when the temperature drops to finger-numbing levels and the hoar frost builds on the snow are some of my favourite times to go out and photograph the landscapes here in the Rockies.

The warm light of the rising sun reflecting off the crystals like a field of glittering diamonds. The detail and intricacy of each flake. Each one unique in its own special way, just like you.

Flake out with me this winter and surround yourself in the beauty of snow!

If you are in between sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size so the vibrant image doesn't become too thin when stretched beyond what it should be. Please don’t be discouraged if you need to size up!

Leggings and Capris

The high resolution images are printed on white base fabric in order to reproduce the vivid colours and detail. As the garment stretches on the body, it is natural to see some of the base white fabric through the printed image. For this reason, think of your leggings in the same way you do white or light coloured pants when selecting your undergarment colour: Light coloured pants = light coloured undergarments.

Flare Dresses & Tank Tops

The flare dresses and tank tops are stretchy and fit snug to the torso at these measurements. Pay particular attention to the across the bust measurement if you wear a larger bra cup size (larger than a B cup). If you want a looser fit, make sure to size up at least one or two sizes!

Have questions on sizing, or need help selecting a size? Feel free to send me an email.